Ultra-thin Movement Family on Piaget

Speaking of the ultra-thin watches, Piaget is definitely the no.1 in this field but it is not born to be the top. founding in 1874 in Swiss, Piaget started producing watches in 1957. Right in the ten years, from 1950 to 1960, is the critical period when the global economy booms and social order come back to the right track, and thus Swiss watch switched from the military to the domestic. In this period, people has a common sense about the luxury watch: thin and precious metal. So, many brands developed ultra-thin movement and among them the Piaget brand stood out in the crowd. 1957, its automatic winding movement-9P, was released. In 1960, Piaget released its automatic movement-12p. These two movement paved the road for the future ultra-thin movement of the replica Piaget brand.

It goes without saying that the 5 movement, namely the 9P, 12P, 600P, 800P and 430P, are the main movement in Piaget’s movements and many ultra-thin movements were developed upon them. Ultra-thin is complicated and we will feel how difficult it is by looking at the 900p whose thickness only reach 0.12mm. In 2003, 600P, the world ultra-thin movement, was launched and it has the skeleton edition. The thickness of the movement reaches 3.5mm. in 2005, 600P family has new members: 600D, the diamond edition and the 640P. In 2006, another important one-800P-came to exist which has a big aperture that display calendar. In 2007, 880P which was developed upon the 800p was released and it has an amazing thickness of only 5.6mm, the most thin movement that has column wheel with. At meantime, 830P and 838P, which is a manual winding movement, were released. Also in the same year, Piaget released 50 limited edition watches in celebration of 50th anniversary of 9P.

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