IWC Aquatimer Deep Two

The most conspicuous technical modification on the new IWC Aquatimers Deep Two is that the external/internal rotating edge. For safety reasons, the inner rotating edge will solely be turned anticlockwise. This guarantees that albeit the external rotating edge is unknowingly touched, the dive time – throughout that the diver will come to the surface with no would like for decompression stops – isn’t exceeded.

Just like the opposite 2014 Aquatimers, the Deep two is supplied with the IWC SafeDive System is that the proprietary combination internal/external rotating edge. The external titanium edge rotates each ways that, however once turned counter-clockwise it moves the inner temporal order edge in one-minute increments. Between zero and fifteen there are blue one-minute markings, with extra bright white markings in 5 minute increments and a triangle at zero. The hands of the Aquatimer Deep Two are super luminal with distinctive red edges and the hacking centre seconds hand has a matching red and white arrow at the tip. At nine o’clock on this Aquatimer Deep Two watch is that the intake system for the gauge that uses water pressure to calculate the acceptable depth.

The new 2014 IWC Aquatimer collection contains a lot of discreet look with a lot of subdued colours than the previous generation. watches rolex After all, IWC diver’s watches are not any longer reserved solely for underwater use however are typically found in expeditions on physical object, at gala occasions or perhaps within the workplace. The watches are a lot of useful and safer, and even a lot of Aquatimer models are currently fitted with IWC-manufactured movements. The Aquatimer Deep two are on the market late 2014 and is priced at $19,100.

IWC Aquatimer Deep Two is equipped with mechanical water meter and diving depth limit induction display device, and its 30110 movement is totally divided with bathysonde, even though the movement is stopping operating, the bathysonde can still operate with the waterproof of 120 meters.

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